About Kasol

Kasol is a small town located in the Kullu Valley, lying in between Bhuntar and Manikaran. Being placed on the banks of Parvati River, Kasol lures trekkers to Parvati Valley. Having pleasant weather almost the year round and experiencing fair amount of snowfall during the winters, Kasol is a heaven for tourists.

Kasol bike tour packages fascinate trekking enthusiasts, experienced and beginners alike. The months of March – May serves the best months for trekking packages to Kasol, as the weather remains pleasurable and one can experience the hot water springs of the Manikaran Sahib in their full glory.

Best time to visit

The tour package to Kasol is common from months approaching summers, else in winters.

1.  Summer season spreading from March to May. These months allow one to involvement comfortable climate, with temperature in the range of 15 deg C to 22 deg C. since, tour packages to Kasol, mainly focuses on trekking actions, this season opens up clear skies with the panoramic view of snow clad mountains, an ideal circumstances to trek in the Parvati Valley. 

2.  Winter season extends from October to February. Kasol experiences chilly winters with temperature dominant in the range of 3 deg C to 10 deg C. This season also gets a fair amount of snowfall, cutting off roads leading to Kasol. But, winters allow nature lovers to relax and revitalize themselves, roaming in the chilly nights, on the calm roads of Kasol, enjoying the serene normal beauty. This time of the year, Kasol, also welcomes honeymooners, offering privacy and enormous scope for romance.

Best Places To Visit


Since Kasol is a promising destination, tour packages to Kasol, mostly focuses on Trekking, which is the main activity that can be deliberate in and around Kasol. Owing to a good climate window, such trekking tour packages to Kasol, attracts beginners and amateur trekkers along with the p major treks in and around Kasol are:

1.  Kheerganga Trek: An easy, low altitude trek, Kheerganag is very popular among beginners and amateur trekkers. The short trekking distance of 12kms is covered in a 2 day span and taking you to Kheerganga which is the last inhabited village on the trekking route from Pin Valley via Pin Parvati Pass. The trek is a beautiful passage included with lovely apple orchards, gushing waterfalls and beautiful green expanses. The hot water springs and the Shiva Temple are other significant attractions of this trek, giving it mythological relevance, as Lord Karthikeyan, son of Lord Shiva is believed to have meditated here. One can even take a dip in the holy hot water springs surrounded by the snow protected mountain peaks. 

2.  Sar Pass Trek: An easy trek of 5 days duration, this trek is again more popular among the beginners. The trek trail allows you to walk through thick forests, lush green grasslands, pass through beautiful and calm villages, and enjoy all these included between snow clad mountains. 

3.  Pin Parvati Trek: This imposing trek 112 km is competed in 11 days and is mostly taken up from July to September end. The trek is famous amongst seasoned and skilled trekkers and takes them to an altitude of 17,457 feet, where uncertain weather conditions and completely frozen mountains make the terrain very difficult to traverse. Once on the apex, the pass links the two great valleys of Kullu and Spiti. The pass connects the Parvati Valley of Kullu, which is 

4.  Plush grassland to the cold barren Pin Valley of Spiti: The transformation of the trekking route gives you a glimpse of the cultural shift from Kullu to the Buddhist culture of Spiti. One observers the ShrikhandMahadev, KinnerKailash, Bara Shrigiri, Parbati Goat Head Peak, Fluted Peak, and Kulu Makalu along the trek. 

5.  Tosh Trek: This is again an easy level trek of 1 day, leading the backpackers from the town of Kasol to a small village of Tosh, nestled in the Himalayan beauty. The trek slowly rises on the gradual terrain and follows majorly the path alongside the gushing water of Parvati River. Tosh has spread villages and lot of foreigners visit this place as a part of their trekking expeditions. This village is more mutual among trekkers who want to experience solitude and an escape from the more often visited trekking and camping sites. 

6.  Chalal Trek: Situated very near to Kasol, Chalal trek is an easy walk. The trek takes around 2 days to complete, with explorers camping at Chalal village. The trek itself becomes an escapade from the hustle and bustle of the Kasol township and one can enjoy the nature is its raw magnificence. While in this trek, soak in the beauty of the great Himalayas, lying under the star studded blue sky. Due to its proximity to Kasol, there are lot of backpackers and trekkers from around the globe who have made Chalal trek an essential trekking activity when visiting the Kullu Valley or the Parvati Valley.


Q: When is the best time to go on a Kasol bike tour?

A: The best time to go on a Kasol bike tour is from April to June and from September to November. During these months, the weather is pleasant, and the roads are generally open for travel. However, be prepared for sudden weather changes and landslides as the roads can be challenging.

Q: How difficult is a Kasol bike tour?

A: A Kasol bike tour can be challenging, especially for beginners. The roads are mostly unpaved and rugged, with steep inclines and sharp turns. Altitude sickness can also be a concern due to the high elevation. It is recommended that you have some prior experience with mountain biking and are in good physical condition before embarking on a Kasol bike tour.

Q: What should I pack for a Kasol bike tour?

A: You should pack appropriate clothing for the weather conditions, including warm layers for the cold nights and rain gear in case of rain. You will also need to bring a sturdy and reliable mountain bike, a repair kit, and extra spare parts. It is also advisable to carry a first aid kit, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a water bottle.

Q: What are the popular attractions in Kasol?

A: Kasol is known for its scenic beauty and offers several popular attractions, including Kheerganga Trek, Malana Village, Parvati River, Tosh Village, and Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara.

Q: Do I need any special permits for a Kasol bike tour?

A: No special permits are required for a Kasol bike tour. However, if you plan to travel to nearby areas like Malana or Spiti, you may need to obtain special permits from the local authorities.

Q: Is it safe to go on a Kasol bike tour?

A: As with any adventure travel, there are inherent risks associated with a Kasol bike tour. However, if you take the necessary precautions, including proper preparation, equipment, and travel with a reputable guide or tour company, it can be a safe and unforgettable experience.