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Leh Ladakh Tour Packages

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Leh Ladakh Tour Packages


Crazy Riders is in operation since 2011 based in New Delhi (India), growing year by year, month by month based on providing huge realistic, vast experience, knowledge and quality services to the clients all over.
Our tours designed to attract serious Bikers who love to gain experiences and knowledge of life on the road. The underlying philosophy of the trip is to nurture the spirit of travel, to connect and engage with adventure-minded people 18+ years of age, who, through their own active participation in the tours who has consciously chosen to spend time with us.

We are here to help you to rediscover your inner biker at an affordable price. Experience the sights, sounds and scents of India and explore tropical jungles, rugged Himalayan Mountains and deserts while your Bike lays down its inimitable soundtrack. Experience carefully selected dream routes in the saddle of your Bike. Leave superfluous luxury and boredom behind.

The crazy Riders team has been assisting motorcycle tours continuously since 2011.Thus; our experienced staff is well able to take care of all planning and logistics, leaving you to get on with enjoying the bike and the many wonders our destinations have to offer.

Motorcycling brings together people who have very different lives. It breaks down barriers. It is its own language and can be shared where words fail.

We plan better group to group to have a great adventure trip as it is a crucial activity; it helps us to design the plan/map that becomes the guiding force for the entire trip. The plan itself specifies what should be done, by whom, where, when, how and follow it for achieving success. It includes trip itinerary (routes & duration), fooding & accommodation, bikes & spares, adventure gear, medicines, clothing, etc. Moreover planning increases the efficiency of the trip by:-
It gives right direction and focus to the trip
It facilitates proper coordination within the group members
It helps to achieve the objectives of the group
Achievement on the trip milestones helps in motivating the group members
It aids in organizing and efficiently utilize all available resources

We work hard to enhance continuously our professionalism, performance and the quality of our relationship with you, but never forget the spirit of fun and the adventure that pervades every our tour's


Come discover yourself on this at least once in lifetime.

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