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Leh Ladakh Tour Packages

Leh Ladakh Tour Packages

Leh Ladakh Tour Packages

Leh Ladakh Tour Packages are best option for Holidays . Ladakh means a land of passes. Viewed from high above its surface, Ladakh appears a vast monotony of three colours: the brown of the earth, the white of the snow and the blck dark shadows in the valleys. Ladakh's early history is woven into its mythology. The great Chinese wanderer Fa-Hien travelled its folds as far back as 399 AD. Ladakh is renowned for its Buddhist monasteries which are dotted all over the sparsely populated countryside, each richly decorated with paintings and virtually a storehouse of ancient religious manuscripts.

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Leh Ladakh Tour Packages The largest province within the North Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir, Leh Ladakh is surrounded by great mountain ranges of the world. Take a Leh Ladakh travel package from Delhi and find yourself amidst the beautiful and charming unexplored landscape. One can also book customized tour packages to leh from us and venture into this beautiful place. In Ladakh you will find beauty studded with lakes, snow-capped mountains, green patches of land, bright blue skies and unimaginable terrains. It is no doubt very pretty place, one of those places that you should visit atleast once in your lifetime. In Ladakh you will find lakes, national parks, monasteries, and valleys which have a surreal character. All of this will leave you truly mesmerized. Ladakhi Cuisine is Sumptuous and unique, When in Ladakh don't forget to taste meat dumplings and thukpa. Have a conversation with the locals sipping hot yak butter tea. Ladakh will never disappoint you.. Leave the city life behind and gaze towards brown mountains and white clouds you will feel a sense of bliss inside you. Book Leh Ladakh Tour Packages and enjoy the experience. The landscape, flora and fauna makes this land a treat for photographers . Here you will find exotic birds ready to be clicked. Thanks to places like Nubra Valley, Tsokar, Tsomoriri and Pangong lake where you will find amazing birds. This place is also the biker's paradise. Bike ride is fun because you come across snow-clad mountains, lush green landscape and desert. Ride across Ladakh to reach the Chang La and Khardung La pass. The Khardung La pass is the highest motorable pass in the world.

Leh Ladakh Tour Packages from Delhi, India A tour to leh will give you an insight to the culture and traditions. The people of Ladakh are mostly Tibetan Buddhists of Aryan descent or Shia Muslims. The locals are known for their kind and generous nature. They are very hospitable and mostly live in small settlements and have a very simple lifestyle, The attire and jewellery are very beautiful and they are proud to keep their rich culture intact. Try visiting Ladakh during their prominent festivals like Thiksey, Karsha, Spituk Gustor and the Hemis Festival and find yourself engulfed in their dance, drama, drums and singing. You will relish the culture here. If you love camping and adventure, Ladakh is just the place for you. Camping in Ladakh is not at all costly and will surely love this thrill here. Enjoy the nomadic lifestyle here. The camping available in Leh Ladakh caters to budget as well as the luxury travelers. Don't leave Ladakh without exploring the passes here. There are high altitude passes here like the Khardung La (5359 m), Chang La (5360 m) which will call you towards itself. You will feel a rush of adrenaline for sure. On the other hand you will find complete peace in the Buddhist monasteries here. Book a Leh Ladakh tour package and take a break from the daily mundane life. As the number of hotels in Leh ladakh are limited and the number of airlines flying to the area is also limited, it is advisable to book Leh Ladakh tour packages with air tickets in advance.

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Leh Ladakh Tour Packages








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