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Leh Ladakh Road Trip

Leh Ladakh Road Trip

Leh Ladakh Road Trip

The ultimate road trip of the season is here. Leh Ladakh road trip is one of the highly rated road trips on the earth. Road trips to Leh Ladakh are filled with colourful monasteries, narrow roads with steep curves, the most scenic snow topped Himalayan range and Karakoram mountain ranges, and many other surreal spots. Apart from offering such stunning views of surroundings, these trips also challenge you physically and mentally through the rugged terrains and slightly unpredictable climatic conditions. Hence, here is our attempt to provide you a complete travel guide on the famous Leh Ladakh road trip .

Leh Ladakh Road Trip Overview

There are two different routes that reach us to Leh. One from Srinagar and the other one from Manali. Manali is the preferred route for a Bike trip to Leh Ladakh as it is just a day’s drive from city and is also provides a very thrilling ride over the gorgeous and dangerous roads, along the highest motorable passes in the world. However, if time is on your side, complete road trip to Leh Ladakh following the route Srinagar – Leh – Manali is a once in a life time experience. Manali to Leh road trip is around 476 kms and Srinagar to Leh road trip is around 434 kms There can be many ways to experience the Leh Ladakh road trip depending on the start and ending destination and duration.

Best Time for Road Trip to Leh Ladakh Best Time to Visit Leh Ladakh through road trip is from Mid-May to October. Roads from Srinagar are open from Mid-May. But, Rohtang pass in Manali – Leh route is open only after May as the roads would be slippery till then. Bike trips to Leh – Ladakh begin as soon as the roads are open. The roads remain open till November. Only during summer and autumn seasons, one can go via road to Leh – Ladakh. From November to April, one can reach Leh only through airway. Flights are available to Leh from Srinagar and Delhi. While traveling through Manali-Leh route, start early to reach Rohtang Pass to avoid getting stuck in traffic .

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