Lahaul Spiti

Lahaul and spiti located at an altitude of 3340mts in north eastern corner. The most spectacular and breathtaking snow capped hills and the craggy beauty of these regions lure the travelers. One of the very oldest monasteries having mummy are the evidence of Buddhist culture, and so called little Tibet. Sipti is 7000 sq km of snow topped mountains and high altitude desert, punctuated by the tiny patches of greenery and villages of small wooden houses. A beautiful land of captivating Buddhist art and culture- Lahaul is distinguished by inflicting mountains and glaciers while the vegetation, climate and the landscape of Spiti are similar to that of Tibet. That's why the village of Spiti is also popular as 'Little Tibet'. Terrain of spiti changes very regularly and even have to cross most treacherous road of the world and it make us proud once we see the board while driving/riding. Chitkul the last Indian village offers mesmerizing view like heaven. So, relax in the tranquility of Monasteries, enjoy taking leisurely walks by the river Spiti, or indulge in some of adventure activities like skiing or trekking as Lahaul and Spiti assures it all.


Major Attraction :- Kibber Village, Hikkim village, Langza village, Dhankar Gompa, Gue Mummy. Komic Monastery, Chandra Taal Lake, Kye Monastery, Chogskhor Monastery, Sakya Tangyud Monastery & Pin Valley National Park